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About us

The company has been in the market since 1995. Its owner, J. Ewa Lewandowska-Woźniak holds the tax advisor’s license Nº 01869 and the license for maintaining the accounting ledgers as a service Nº 2027/97 awarded by the Ministry of Finance.

We employ highly qualified specialists in finance, economies and lawyers with many years of experience. The strengths of our team are the practical knowledge and appropriate subject knowledge. All the employees update and expand their qualifications systematically by participating in courses and seminars, which is the guaranty of high and professional quality of services offered to our Clients.

ABREX® guaranties the:

  • professional quality of services,
  • reliability of information
  • honesty and effectiveness of actions taken,
  • absolute observation of the statutory professional confidentiality,
  • maximum safety of tax accounting.

We welcome you to collaborate with us on comprehensive services to businesses as well as individuals.

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Kancelaria Podatkowo-Księgowa ABREX®
ul. Wędkarska 99
10-180 Olsztyn
tel. 089 523 87 51
fax. 089 524 30 00
e-mail: abrex@sprint.com.pl